CPX Games Contest

Yeah Sonic told me to post this none of this was my idea he was to lazy to post it so yeah. o_o

Well long story short….. Whoever wins the contest will be given a Club Penguin coin code. You must participate in the CPX Games…. yeah thats basicly it.

~General, Snowballpink


New Chapter For My Story. xD

Chapter 14:

While the rest of ACP were fighting off the creatures not noticing the dissappreance of Saint. Monsterfully came up with a plan. “WolveTone, Sonic!” He called. “This is what were going to do.” Monsterfully began.  “WolveTone your going to steal one of their planes, Sonic you grab their weaponds. Sonic and WolveTone nodded and began their mission. Now i’m going to find Snowballpink. Monsterfully said to himself in his head.




Saying Hi

Hey guys, I’m just stopping to say hi so yeah… ok bye…

~General, Snowballpink



Houndy66’s Retirement

Remember that Temp Retirement? Well now its a Complete retirement. So many people have told me what Packer said in his post. Harvard won’t go crazy if you were in ACP. Also another quote from Cristiano50 “When they interview you for a job, they won’t say, “ZOMG ACP TROOP? PERFECT choice” I am sticking with my small army, due to the the fact it doesn’t consume that much time. And I don’t like the ACP approach of, “On Chat or inactive” thats just me. Heres my COMPLETE list of people to thank

Packer1Nfl, a Friend, and a guy who can suceed: We’ll be buddies in the CP retirement homes :cool: You were a great guy, and you were the best person to hang out with.

Boomer20, the leader of everything: Take some time from ACP, and enjoy you life at 15.

Tylov5, A Very Loyal soldier: Thats exaclty what he is, someone loyal to something.

Obi, Axe, Ias, Mitch, ACP’s Europeon Power: Boom Boom EUROPEON POWA!

Snowballpink, Pinkgirl1114, Foxtails, Pinkgirl39, Lillie Rose, GIRL POWA: The next girl ACP Leaders

Larry Guy 4, Cool Guy: You are cool :cool:

Coolguy12348, G+Powers= Got Power?: Good guy, and a cool guy.

Ennbay 0, A nice friend: Be Good in UMA :wink:

Dryvit, The One with the Perservenice: You were an amazing leader. To take all of that heat, and still stay strong is unbelieveable:

Adav, Bluey, and Thomas, the good friends: Thanks for good times.

  • A Few Requests:
    To be in the Hall of Fame ( I was a General, wasn’t I?)
  • I would like Bluey to have my rank (If he doesn’t get Packer’s Rank) If he gets Packer’s rank I would like Adav to take my rank.

For the Last Time in ACP Green:
Like it, Love it, Live it, Swallow it


Snowballpink’s Story

The Savior Of Club Penguin

                                       The Savior Of Club Penguin

~By Snowballpink

Chapter 1:

One dreadfull night five ACP soldiers were potroling Breeze then an earthquake began they all fell to the ground. The five soldiers started to panic a comet crased to the ground and dug into the surface leaving a trail of dirt behind it. The comet was steaming they surrounded the giant rock a dark figure rose up from the humid comet and attacked the five soldiers and ran into the night and was never seen again. Until two years later.

Chapter 2:

Snowballpink was walking with her brothers Blackpen1234 and Pengreen1234 dropping them off at the ACP Boot Camp at Snow Fort. “Ok guys i’ll come back for you later.” Snowballpink said. “Aren’t you leading the blue drill team today?” Blackpen1234 asked. “No i’m not leading today.” Snowballpink replied. “I’ll come back later!” “Ok see you later.” Blackpen1234 and Pengreen1234 said together. Snowballpink walked to the ACP base and got a transmission from Saint. “Snow, we need your help at the base immediatly!” Saint began. “An army of mutants are attacking the base!” “I’m on my way!” “Snowballpink out!” Snowballpink ran to the base. “Gotta get to the base!” Snowballpink told herself. A dark image then jumps out of a tree and lands in front of Snowballpink. “No one moves beyond this point continue the other way or be destroyed!” The image said. “No way!” Snowballpink replied. “Alright then draw your weapon!” The dark figure commanded. Then it took out it’s rifle an began to fire at Snowballpink. Snowballpink fired back with her rifle ambushing it from above and killed it. Snowballpink paused. All these illusions of monsters attacking club penguin surrounded her then everything faded away and went black.

Chapter 3:

“Wher- Where am I?” Snowballpink asked herself. “Your in the infirmary.” A voice replied. “Kaisin? Whats going on?” Snowballpink asked weakly. “An army of creatures attacked the base.” “Half of the army survived.” Kaisin replied. “Come on let’s get to the command room.” “Ok.” said Snowballpink. Both walked down the hall passing every room that contained a soldiercrying in agoney. ”I wish I could have helped.” Snowballpink mumbled to herself. From there they entered the command room and met up with Sonic the 1,WoleTone, and Monsterfully. “Hey guys.” Snowballpink said. “Hey.” they all replied. “Attention soldiers!” Saint began. “We have lost a great number of soldiers during this attack. But I have a feeling we can win this war once all our survivors are revived.” Saint then got a call from Tylov5. “What is it Tylo?” Saint asked. “Saint we were having a practice battle with the cadets and the creatures ambushed us. Non-” “THE CADETS?!” Snowballpink shouted while interupting Tylov5. Snowballpink ran out the door. “Snow where are you going?” Sonic asked. But it was to late she was on her way to Snow Fort. “Sonic,Kaisin,WolveTone, and Monsterfully follow her!” Saint commanded. The four of them chased her all the way to Snow Fort. Snowballpink was already there kneeling next to her brothers dead bodies in a pool of blood.

Chapter 4:

Sonic the 1,Kaisin,WolveTone, and Monsterfully finnaly caught up with Snowballpink at Snow Fort they noticed the bodies of her brothers and saw the deppresed look on her face. “I’m sorry.” Monsterfully said. “It’s ok these things happen in war.” Snowballpink replied. “Come on guys let’s get back to the base.” WolveTone said. They all walked back to the base each not saying one word. When they arrived at the base Saint was descussing the plan to stop the creatures. “Ok ACP I was doing some research on the monsters that attacked our base they have a generator in their hideout that controls everything they have if we can destroy it we could have an advantage and win this war.” Saint said. “Our invasion begins at midnight be prepared soldiers! Dissmissed.” “Snowballpink,Sonic the 1,Kaisin,WolveTone, and Monsterfully come here.” They walked over to Saint. “Saint if it’s about the way I acted earlier i’m sorry it’s be-” Nevermind that Snow I have an important mission for all of you. “What is it Saint?” Monsterfully asked eagerly. “I want all of you to find out what their planning and why their here then when you have enough time destroy the generator.” “Understood?” “Yes ma’am!” They replied. They got their equipment ready and set their clocks for 12:00 AM.  Their alarms rang they jmped up from their beds put on their gear as fast as they could and all met at the outside of the base. “ACP get in the jeeps and head for the base in the east go go go!” Saint shouted. The five soldiers and the rest of the ACP drove their jeeps to the base once they were there they leaped out of their jeeps and were ready to attack. “Ok everyone were going to split up WolveTone,Kaisin, and Monsterfully go find out what their planning and why they are here in their command room Sonic and I will go destroy the genarator.” “WolveTone your incharge.” Snowballpink said. “Understood Snow” “Ok team move out!” WolveTone commanded. “Come on Sonic let’s go find that generator!” Snowballpink and Sonic looked in every room in the base. WolveTone,Kaisin, and Monsterfully were walking down the hall and entered the cammand room. “Find anything?” WolveTone asked. “Not yet.” replied Kaisin. “Hey I think I found something!” Monsterfully said. “What is it?” WolveTone asked. “It’s a file on their most wanted.” Monsterfully said. Kaisin took the file from Monsterfully and scimmed through the pages then he noticed something. “Hey wait a minute that looks like!-” “Whos there?!” A strong voice exclaimed. “They are coming let’s get out of here!” WolveTone said. “Let’s use this vent!” Monsterfully suggested. They crawed through the vent. “Ok let’s go through that next turn and- Ahhh! “Or we can just fall down the vent!” WolveTone said. “It’s improvising.” Monsterfully said with a smirk. Guys what are you doing here?! Snowballpink asked. “Well we got the information on why their here and one of those creatures heared us we crawled through a vent then fell down from it and we ended up here.” Kaisin said. “Did you find the generator?” WolveTone asked. “Yeah Snow is going to overload it right now.” Sonic said. “Done!” Snowballpink said. Come on we have to get out of here before the generator explodes! Sonic exclaimed. They ran out of the room and into the hall destroying any enemy in their path all of them escaped and the base exploded. All five of them and the remaining ACP rode their jeeps back to the base. “So how was your mission?” Saint asked. “Mission complete ma’am!” Kaisin said. “Good did you find any information?” Saint asked. “We only found a file ma’am.” Monsterfully said. “Ok I will look at this and discuss it at the next meeting good job soldiers.” Said Saint.

 Chapter 5:

Three weeks after the invasion on the enemy base the ACP attended a meeting in the command room. “Soldiers of the ACP!” Saint exclaimed. “The creatures are planning an attack on our base at 4:00 this afternoon so I have planned a drill session at 2:00 be ready in one hour.” Saint said. Snowballpink and her friends met back in her room. “Why would they schedual an invasion at four?” Kaisin asked. “It’s the worst time to attack.” They all nodded in agreement put on their equipment and walked outside to the courtyard for the drill session.

Chapter 6:

One of the creatures returned back to their base. “I have the file sir.” It said. “Good work.” The strong voice said. “Now that we have the file back they won’t figure out who we are after.” ”Is everything ready for the invasion?” The strong voice said. “They destroyed the generator three weeks ago I don’t think we will have enough power to defeat them.” The creature replied. “Don’t worry about the generator it was only a decoy.” We get our power from a more powerful power source.” The strong voice said. “Tell the troops to get their weaponds ready.” “Yes sir!” The creature replied. It ran down the hall and told the troops to prepare for the battle.


Chapter 7:

Saint was in her room doing some paper work. “It’s time.” She said to herself. She got on the speaker and said. “ACP prepare for battle it’s time!” The ACP ran to the weaponry room grabed their guns and headed to the courtyard. “Their coming!” An ACP soldier said. “FIRE!” Saint commanded. bullets were fired from both sides creating a giant black cloud of smoke in the middle of the battle field cries of pain were heared. “Hey Snow over hear!” Kaisin said. What is it Kaisin? Snowballpink asked. “I want to sneak into their base plat a bomb and blow it up! Do you want help?” Kaisin asked.  “Yeah.” Snowballpink replied. ”Ok follow me.” They both ran to the creatures base. “They have a security system.” Kaisin said. “I will take care of it.” Said Snowballpink. Snowballpink smashed the box with her gun. “Ok let’s go!” Kaisin said. They were walking down the hall and entered a room then Kaisin pulled out a grenade. “Ok i’m going to blow up this dump!” Kaisin said. “Wait a minute look over there!” Snowballpink commanded. “What is it?” He asked. “It’s the file we stole from them 3 weeks ago.” “They must have stolen it back we need to bring this back to Saint right away!” Snowballpink remarked. “Now it’s time to blow up this place!” Kaisin said. He set the bomb and planted it in one of the walls. “Let’s get out of here before it goes off!” Kaisin advised. Both ran out of the base and the bomb went off. A general of the creatures army called in a retreat. “Their retreating!” Monsterfully said. “Good now everyone get back inside.” Saint commanded. The ACP walked inside the base Kaisin and Snowballpink ran into Saint’s office and droped the file on her desk. “It’s a good thing we found that file.” Kaisin said. “Yeah it must be really important and could help us win this war.” Snowballpink said. Saint walked in her office and noticed the file. “Well I guess it’s time to read that last page.” She said to herself. She opens the file to the last page. “The rest of the pages had battle tactics but this one is different.” She said. ”Wait a mintute this page isn’t a stradegy it’s a prophecy!”

Chapter 8:

After the long day all the ACP fell asleep in their beds. Snowballpink was fast asleep she was dreaming of angels surrounding her then all the angels faded away and the only thing that was seen was a giant creature and red dragons flying across the sky. One dragon shot fire out of it’s mouth and the whole surface was in flames. An alarm rings. “Snowballpink please report to Saint’s office!” “Thank you.” The speaker said. Morning already? She asked herself. Snowballpink got up from her bed put her clothes on and walked to Saint’s office. “Come in Snowballpink sit down.” Saint said. “What is it Saint?” Snowballpink asked. “I read the file you gave me the pages were about battle tactics they don’t even use anymore but the last page could help us in this war.” Saint said. “What is the last page about?”asked Snowballpink. ”It is about someone known as The Savior will unleash their power and destroy the creatures.” “Do you know who this person is?” Snowballpink asked. “No that is why I am sending you on a mission to find out who this person is.” Saint said. ”How will I know?” She asked. ”Here is a map it was behind the last page it will help you find them.” Saint replied. Snowballpink took the map walked outside the base and began her journey.

Chapter 9:

“Ok let’s take a look at this map.” She said to herself. “It looks like I have to go through a place called the cave of fire. She began to walk all the way to the cave of fire then stumbled upon a red penguin. “Hello.” The red penguin said. “What is your name?” He asked. “My name is Snowballpink.” “What is your’s?” Snowballpink asked. “My name is Etain.” Etain said. “Etain?” She asked. “My name means little fire.” Said Etain. ”I was expecting you to come.” “You were?” She asked. “Yes I heared about your journey and you will encounter many dangers so I am here to train you.” “Train me in what?” Snowballpink asked. “I am going to help you improve on speed and agility.” Etain said. “Let’s begin.” Snowballpink trained the entire day and started to continue her journey. “Thanks Etain!” Snowballpink said. “Good luck!” He replied. “Ok whats next?” Snowballpink looked at the map. “Next is the chamber of earth. Snowballpink walked to the chamber of earth and met up with another penguin. “Hi!” The green penguin said. “Hello.” Snowballpink said. “You must be Snowballpink.” “How do you know my name?” She asked. “I know alot of people.” “I’m here to train you you in strength and courage!” The green penguin said. “Well ok.” Snowballpink replied. They trained the entire night Snowballpink was on her way in the morning. “Thanks!” Snowballpink said. “No problem good luck!” The green penguin said. “Ok next stop is The Temple of Champions!”

Chapter 10:

Snowballpink arrived at the temple of champions it looked like a replica of a church but with shattered stain glass windows. ”Ok this is the last stop.” “What do I do now?” A light breeze past by her she heared drums pounding and getting louder every second. Boom-lay boom-lay boom-boom-boom. Boom-lay boom-lay boom ba-boom. The wind blew harder and harder and harder and the drums got louder and louder and louder. Boom-lay boom-lay boom-boom-boom. Boom-lay boom-lay boom ba-boom. A flash of white light appeared almost blinding Snowballpink. A bright figure stepped out of the light it was a yellow penguin and wore a bright white cloak with glittering gold hem on the edges. “Welcome mysterious traveler.” The yellow penguin said. “I see that you are here to find the savior.” “Yes, Do you know who he or she is?” Snowballpink asked. The yellow penguin ignored the question. “Look at this over here it my help you.” The penguin said. Snowballpink walked over. “It looks like a moral.” Snowballpink said. “Yes it is a moral and only the savior knows what it means. The penguin said. Snowballpink read the moral outloud. When the  sun goes down and day turns to night… Snowballpink paused. She knew what it meant without having to read the entire moral. ”I know what it means.” “The only reason why they attacked our base at 4:00 in the afternoon is because the moon drains all their power.” “They are using the sun as their energy source!” Snowballpink exclaimed. “Snowballpink you are the savior!” The penguin said. The penguin pulled a necklace out of it’s pocket in his cloak. It was shaped like an angel’s wing. “This was worn by all the past saviors.” The penguin said while pointing to a wall with pictures of heroic penguins. ”Those are all your ancestors they were angels.” The penguin said. “Like actual angels?” Snowballpink asked. “Yes.” The penguin replied. “This necklace stores all your power it was worn by generation to generation now it’s your turn.”

Chapter 11:

“What do I have to do to fullfill the prophecy?” Snowballpink asked. “I’m afraid to say this but to fullfill it you must give…… Your life. Snowballpink hesitated. “My life?” She asked. “Your life.” The penguin repeated. She stared down at the floor trying to find another way. “But what about my friends?” I asked. “Your friends will be safe if you complete your destiney.” The penguin said. “This is how it’s all going to end for me.” “I’ll lose everything….just like my brothers.” I said. “Do you except your fate?” The penguin asked. Snowballpink stopped and thought for a minute. “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 12:

Mean while the ACP troops were at the base descussing their attack. “ACP, This will be our final attack.” Saint began. “If we win we could win this war.” ”THEY ARE COMING!” An ACP soldier said. “Alright get your equipment ACP!” Saint commanded. The ACP ran outside cocking their guns. “FIRE!” Saint commanded. A plane of the creatures swooped down and grabbed Saint. “They got Saint!” WolveTone exclaimed. “I’ll take care of it!” Kaisin said. Kaisin hopped into a jeep and followed the plane.

Chapter 13:

“So you are the leader?” The creature asked. “Yes.” Saint responed. “Where is she?” “TELL ME NOW!” The creature screamed. “Who are you talking about?” Saint asked. Kaisin was slowly taking his time searching for the room they were keeping Saint in and destroyed a few creatures on the way. “Where the heck are they keeping her?!” Kaisin thought to himself. At that moment he had the very same vision Snowballpink had. The creatures were destroying Club Penguin fire was everywhere not one spec of life to be found. Next he saw the very same creature as the one holding Saint in captivity except it had turned into the size of a giant. There was also a young penguin standing in front of it. It had a bright white gown with a gold hem on the edges and surrounded the penguin was a blinding yellow light. “What the!” Kaisin began. “Is that…Snowballpink.” The vision ended and Kaisin continued his quest to find Saint.

Yeah I was bored…

This is how ACP pwns….


~ Lt General, Snowballpink

P.S. Sonic can I post my story on your site?